My love for fashion and garment construction began at a very young age as I watched my mother, who is a self-trained seamstress, make clothes for everyone she loved as a hobby. She was extremely good at embroidery as well. She hand embroidered small motifs to dupattas to entire sarees. Watching garments being made from scratch was such a pleasure; it not only inspired me but also made me aware of the effort that went into handmade garments. This cultivated in me a love for fabrics more than readymade clothes, as I saw fabrics as an opportunity to create something of my own. 

I soon developed my own sense of style and was experimenting with my ideas and designs through my mom while still in school. I felt drawn to natural fabrics as their benefits were made evident to me from an early age. I loved earthy colours and experimented with a colour palette inspired by the nature around me growing up in Goa, sea all around I grew fond of the blues and greys of the sea and the sky. Eventually I was doing some amateur styling and designing for close ones and yet the decision to start my own label only happened years later. I worked in finance for 6 years before I realised I wanted to follow my passion, do something that was more fulfilling to me.
My personal style, which has always been simplistic and minimal, can be seen reflected in my collections as well. The garments have simple cuts and little to no surface embellishments. All the creations so far have been one of a kind with more sizes available only on custom order. I have tried to stay away from fast fashion as far as possible and strive to implement that in my brand as well. Other than keeping the number of pieces to a minimum, we also have an upcycling project where we make bags, pouches, hair bands, dog & cat collars and other such things out of scraps from the clothing collections. We also think sustainability is something that one can incorporate in their practises and not just look for it in their fabrics/clothes etc. Reusing old sarees to make outfits, redesigning old outfits into something new, make clothes of a certain quality/standard that will last longer and hence require you to buy lesser, are some ways in which we practise sustainable fashion.

We want to eventually source directly from weavers and even decide our own weaves. For now we source khadi and handloom fabrics from limited sources.